Handicapped Children's Association Residential Counselor PT in Binghamton, New York

Residential Counselor PT- Under direct supervision care for the developmentally disabled. These tasks involve encouraging, guiding and training individuals in developing daily living skills and habits, taking care of their personal needs, and maintaining the living environment.

Duties -
Performs/teaches and reinforces accepted infection control and personal grooming techniques; performs/teaches and assists in bathing, toileting, dental care, hair and nail care, personal hygiene and grooming routines as necessary.
Performs/teaches and assists individuals in dressing, clothing selection, storage, laundering and repair of clothing and accessories, may help them shop for clothing.
Performs/teaches and assists in proper use and care of shavers and razors, eyeglasses, hearing aids, prosthesis as prescribed by appropriate medical practitioner.
Administers and teaches individuals first aid treatments; administers cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques, and performs other health related techniques as required.
Takes records, reports temperatures, blood pressures, pulse rate, weight, and other significant symptoms/health related occurrences; aides consumer in understanding, recording, reporting such factors.
Maintains confidentiality of information.
Reports unusual incidents and physical symptoms promptly and accurately to the supervisor.
Applies valid and accepted limits for inappropriate behavior.
As per written behavior plan or emergency situation, helps individuals to gain control in situations that the consumer is causing harm to themselves, others, or their environment, or a credible threat of the above, utilizing approved SCIP-R techniques.
Qualifications -
Must maintain all required training and certifications, including AMAP (Approved Medication Administration Personnel), CPR and First Aide certifications.
Must possess a valid driver's license and a satisfactory driving record.
Major Skills -
Customer Service.

Requirements -
Drug Screening.
Reference Check.
Child Abuse Registry Clearance.
Criminal Background Check.