Research Foundation Binghamton University Speech Pathologist / Teacher of Students in Binghamton, New York

Speech Pathologist/Teacher of Students with Speech (TSSLD) -
Duties -
Conduct Speech and Language evaluations.
Coordinate, train, and supervise speech teachers and other educational staff.
Supervise student trainees and interns.
Formulate, write, and implement specific speech and language goals included in Individual Education Plans.
Coordinate with staff to create comprehensive language programs consistent with Unit philosophy of total integration of services.
Monitor objective evaluation of child behavior and performance, and modify speech and language programs as required.
Prepare written reports as needed.
Maintain frequent contact with parents or guardians of children in oral and written form regarding child progress.
Participate orally and by providing written material in multiple weekly staff meetings.
Provide support in vivo supervision and performance feedback to staff and undergraduate practicum students to ensure consistency in implementation of speech and language programs.
Provide direct child instruction and care for at least 5 days a week from 8:45-2:15, as determined by the Unit calendar, including parent training as required to implement instruction. Meetings, preparation, parent contact, etc. will occur outside child attendance time.
Participate in all habilitative, self-help and emotional development programs as requested.
Assist in maintaining appropriate cleanliness, organization and decoration of classroom.
Assist all staff in stimulating language use in all aspects of the child's day (e.g., to and from bus stop, lunch period, etc.).
Will actively participate in training or demonstrating competency in applied behavior analysis, which subsumes experience in data collection, summary and evaluation methods, analytical methods and written expression.
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Requirements -
Licensed in New York state as a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP-CCC) or Teacher of students with speech and language disabilities (TSSLD).
Must be fluent and easily understood in English with very good articulation to accommodate the communication and comprehension needs of the children served.
Must be able to proficiently read, write, and comprehend written text and communicate in written form in English as the primary means of understanding and implementing child education plans and providing required documentation.
Must have normative vision, hearing, strength, and agility in order to meet routine and emergency needs and safety of children and fellow staff.
Preferred Qualifications:
Experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders.
Familiarity with evidence-based practice, which subsumes experience in data collection, summary, and evaluation methods, is desirable.
Apply -
Letter of interest
Resume/CV and
Letters of three references