Research Foundation Binghamton University Teacher's Aide - Institute for Child in Binghamton, New York

Teacher's Aide - Institute for Child Development -
Duties -
Assist teachers in providing instruction and care to children enrolled in the Children's Unit.
Implement individualized educational programs
Objectively evaluate child behavior and performance
Teach self-help and/or caring for daily living skills i.e., toileting, eating
Relate well to children
Treat each child with dignity and respect
Ensure the physical safety of the children and fellow staff members
Accept feedback non-defensively and act on same in timely manner
Assist with computer-aided instruction as requested
Assist teachers in the development of instructional materials.
Make and/or organize necessary materials i.e., flash cards, pictures, worksheets
Generate novel materials based on child characteristics and/or needs
Actively participate in the organization and maintenance of the classroom environment.
Organize materials and monitor the availability and condition of classroom materials.
Maintain neat and clean classroom (clean desks, reshelf books, etc.)
Decorate bulletin boards, etc., as appropriate for time of year, lesson content, etc.
Maintain hygienic standards (cleanliness, food storage and preparation, etc.)
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Expectations -
Ability to maintain professional conduct.
Ability to work cooperatively in a team teaching environment.
Must be able to stand for extended periods of time while working with children.
Participate in all habilitive, self-help, and emotional development programs as requested
Good organizational skills.
Requirements -
High school diploma.
Must be fluent and easily understood in English with very good articulation to accommodate the communication and comprehension needs of the children served.
Must be able to proficiently read, write, and comprehend written text and communicate in written form in English as the primary means of understanding and implementing child education plans and providing required documentation.
Must have normative vision, hearing, strength, and agility in order to meet routine and emergency needs and safety of children and fellow staff. this includes:
Capability to lift and carry a 50-pound child a minimum distance of 100 feet
Capability to quickly move from floor sitting position to running to retrieve a child who may run away
College degree or course work in education or psychology desired.
Experience working with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.
Apply -
To apply please submit:
Cover letter
Three letters of recommendation are required prior to being hired
You may add additional files/documents after uploading your resume.